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The Acquire Standard will transform your paint finish colour matching performance with its digital accuracy and efficiency. The colour is measured directly from the cleaned car body, close to the damaged paint area and directly matches the actual vehicle colour.

It’s effective for almost any colour and especially for unusual shades not included in fan decks. No more time-consuming fan deck searches and no need to match colours in daylight, or time-consuming spray tests.

The Acquire Standard is easy to use; with complete measurement control from the high-resolution touchscreen and feedback via status LED indicators and acoustic signals.

The Acquire Standard uses the latest LED lighting technology and the measures solid and effect colours. It connects to the cloud-based ChromaWeb software, via a USB cable where it directly matches over 200,000 constantly updated formulas, so you quickly get the most accurate match. Will you still be updating your fan decks in the future?The Acquire is a productive digital colour measurement tool for professional bodyshops.  


  • Simple and accurate: calibrate, measure and mix
  • Compact with an internal light source
  • Wireless measurements through Bluetooth
  • Optimised calibration kit with an additional green tile
  • Linked to a full colour database
  • Automatic formula corrections
  • User-friendly design and software   



Contact our local distributor for more information on this essential body shop tool.

Save time and avoid uncertainty with the Acquire. Fast, accurate colour matching has never been easier. The Acquire does away with the need to match painted colour chips visually; it measures the exact colour of the paint.

Simply connect the Acquire to the colour management software, like ChromaWeb®, and its data is fed to the scales, ready for the formula to be mixed.

The Acquire Standard is a precision tool, so training is required to achieve the best results. The paint surface must be cleaned of grease and dirt, and in some cases polished to remove scratches that might influence the results.

Simply place the Acquire directly on a polished section of the car body. The integrated measuring head will read the colour shade from three different angles, which ensures highly accurate results even on metallic and pealescent finishes.

Featuring advanced fibre optics, the Acquire looks right into the colour characteristics of the paint, ensuring that it's not tricked by different lighting, the way the human eye can be.

The reading taken from the car body is them compared against the formulae in the colour retrieval system and the exact formula needed to create a blendable match is calculated.

The Acquire spectrophotometer uses AA batteries, so battery replacement is easy and it can be used anywhere. And, it can hold up to 999 readings in memory, eliminating the need to download the spectrohphotometer readings after just a few uses.

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