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Special colours are becoming increasingly popular thanks to OEM colour trends. But achieving an accurate colour-matched paint repair is only possible with the right pigments. That’s why we create special new mixing tints for our Cromax Basecoat and Cromax Pro Basecoat ranges.

“A vehicle’s colour should be identified as soon as it comes in for repair because special colours have to be costed carefully. It may also be possible that the bodyshop has to order the special mixing tints, which will impact the time the repair takes.”

Koen Silverans, Cromax Training Leader EMEA


Deeper, more saturated, even more brilliant

Deeper, more saturated, even more brilliant

Vehicle colours are becoming quite spectacular, trending towards deeper, very saturated colours that, thanks to specially-developed pigments, also have an intense and brilliant sheen.

A brilliant red

A brilliant red

Cromax Pro Scarlet Red WB61 is a bluish red mixing tint. Its pigment is characterised by its exceptional depth of colour and brilliance, as well as its high level of transparency. Scarlet Red is suitable for use in solid and effect colours.


A vibrant orange

A vibrant orange

Cromax Pro Pure Orange WB54 mixing tint contains a high-performance orange pigment that is necessary for some of the new OEM colour formulas. It closes an important gap in the colour spectrum with regards to the development of orange and red shades. The Pure Orange mixing tint is suitable for use in solid and effect colours.


A sparkling crystal effect

Spectral Silver mixing tint WH1736 was developed specially for the LX7T colour on the new Audi A8 and the RS models. It produces a breath-taking crystal effect.


Tinted clearcoats

Developments in tinted clearcoats are on the rise and bodyshops are seeing the effects of this. To support our bodyshops, we introduced 7 of our Centari® MasterTints® in 100 ml tins.

Outstanding glittering effect

Thanks to its thin, silver-coated glass flakes, that refract light, ChromaHybrid WH1795 Shining Silver EFG mixing tint is characterised by its very pure sparkle finish. As this colourless effect paint is only used in a very limited number of colours, it is supplied in small 250ml cans.


The importance of electronic colour identification and web-based colour software.

The future is digital and Cromax has the latest state-of-the-art solutions which provide the best accuracy and most efficient processes for managing colour in the bodyshop: From, optimum digital colour measurement with our industry leading spectrophotometers, to the most accurate formula matching via ChromaWeb and our global formula database. The latest IP scales also mean that formulas can be sent wirelessly to the scale from anywhere in the bodyshop.

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