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Putties are used to fill scratches, larger imperfections and dents. Putties generally contain a high amount of solids to ensure excellent filling properties.


Primers promote the adhesion of the subsequent paint layers, often through an acid component that etches the substrate. Primers also protect steel substrates from corrosion, but do not have filling properties.


Primer-surfacers are applied before the basecoat or topcoat to protect the substrate against corrosion. They also fill minor imperfections to promote a uniform surface finish.


Surfacers have good filling properties to smooth minor substrate defects like scratches or unevenness. They are easy to sand yet resistant to sand-through and they improve the appearance of the topcoat. 


Basecoats are the paint layer that gives a vehicle its colour. The most advanced basecoats available today are based on water. But solvent-based basecoats are still very popular and efficient.  


Clearcoats are the final coat on a vehicle. They improve the basecoat’s resistance to weather influences and scratching as well as provide a specific finish, such as a high-gloss look or matt effect.


Also known as single stage, topcoats deliver colour and gloss in one product. Because of this, topcoats don’t need an additional clearcoat. They are usually only available in solid colours.  


Imron Fleet Line DTM Non-Sanding Primer-Surfacers P601/ P602/P607 are extremely versatile non-sanding primer-surfacers that eliminates the need for a two-stage build-up, which helps to boost productivity within the commercial vehicle refinish process. They can be applied directly over a wide range of metal. They are suitable for all topcoats from Imron Fleet Line and Cromax basecoats.

  • Commercial Vehicle Use

    Commercial Vehicle Use

  • Compliant Product

    Compliant Product

Commercial Vehicle Use

Commercial Vehicle Use

Compliant Product

Compliant Product

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  • Helps to boost productivity.
  • Can be applied directly to metal.
  • Offers a wide application window.


  • Can be used on common plastics without adhesion promoter.
  • Part of the ValueShade concept|VOC compliant
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