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We have complete confidence in our paint systems, our proven technologies and of the skills and training of our bodyshops’ refinishers, so we provide a Lifetime Warranty. It assures vehicle owners that their paint repair is durable and supported by Cromax. Lifetime Warranty is the vehicle owner’s guarantee that the paint repair on their vehicle meets professional quality standards and that it will last the lifetime of the vehicle.



We’ve created a strong and distinctive visual identity to support Lifetime Warranty. The extensive promotional materials and the dedicated Customer Satisfaction Index website help to ensure our bodyshops raise their market visibility, particularly within the fleet, lease and insurance sector.

The simplicity of Lifetime Warranty makes it a driving force in the vehicle repair industry. And for bodyshops, it attracts new customers as well as retains existing ones.



There is one way to communicate to your customers that you have complete confidence in the quality and service of your work - and that's to guarantee your work.

A warranty program is good for your business:

-It assures your customers of quality work and takes the risk out of their purchase decision.
-It motivates staff to maintain high levels of technical excellence.    
-Your guarantee gives you an advantage over your competition
-Leaders in quality go on to become successful and profitable market leaders

The Lifetime Warranty Program is a partnership between your bodyshop and Cromax allowing you to assure and promote the highest quality refinish work to your customer for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Lifetime Warranty (LTW) accounts will also have access to the Certified Repairer 3 Year Warranty program for “mainstream" jobs that do not require a lifetime warranty.

The Certified Repairer warranty program is a partnership with Axalta that allows you to guarantee your work for 3 years.

It gives your customers increased confidence and you increased sales opportunities.

The warranty covers the quality and durability of Cromax paintwork.



To qualify to become a Cromax Lifetime Warranty Repairer, your bodyshop must:

-Be a Cromax system holder
-Use products identified in the system guide
-Obtain 100% score on the checklist
-Head painter to have attended Cromax “Lifetime Warranty & LE products" training course
-Complete a Lifetime Warranty Program Agreement

There is no charge associated with this program. However your shop will be audited annually to ensure it continues to obtain 100% score on the checklist.

The Lifetime warranty is not valid for vehicles which are older than nine years old.



In recognition of your shop obtaining “Lifetime Warranty Repairer" status, Cromax will provide you with:

-Outdoor signage
-Indoor signage
-Customer Promotional material
-Repair Certificate
-Customer Brochures








Get in touch with our local distributor to learn more about Lifetime Warranty.

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