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We can all relate – a web page takes too long to load, so you close it, a YouTube video takes too long to buffer in on your phone, so you don’t bother. We are becoming increasingly impatient as a result of constant technological innovations. This has a knock-on effect because today’s customers want things ever faster and if businesses don’t get it right the first time, they will take their business elsewhere.

fast_repair Understand and embrace customer impatience as an opportunity for business growth

Understand and embrace customer impatience as an opportunity for business growth

Our brand manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Kevin Torfs, says, “The increasing impatience of customers may seem like a negative trend, but in fact it provides exciting opportunities for our bodyshops! Whether you’re looking at a small area repair or a larger paint job, you can benefit from this trend in customer behaviour, while at the same time gain an advantage over the competition and build up an even better reputation with your customers.”

On small repair jobs, you have the opportunity to profit while providing a quality service in a short time frame with our Ultra Productive System. It enables you not only to reduce waste and to optimise workflow, but also to achieve greater cost-efficiency and increase profit margins. For larger paint repair jobs, our Ultra Performance Energy System allows a vehicle part to be refinished in just 36 minutes – and almost no one could complain about that!

“Impatient customers – that’s a good thing! Today, our time-saving, material-saving and energy-saving tools and systems drive productivity like never before and help you to capitalise on your customers’ demands for swift turnaround times on vehicle repairs. The key is to understand the customers and to embrace their impatience as an opportunity for profitability and growth,” Kevin encourages.



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