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Drifting, which first started in Japan, has evolved into a highly competitive sport over the last 40 years. Legions of fans follow the sport for the spectacle of smoking tyres, speed and style. But a drift car’s livery needs to match that excitement - it needs to be striking, bright and easily recognisable. So what better Official Sponsor to have than Cromax!

Mariusz Miekos’ car looks amazing even when smoke is billowing from the rear tyres

Polish drifter and member of the MGarage Drift Team, Mariusz Miekos is now in his second year of competing in the Polish Drift Championships and of partnering with us. Mariusz’s impressive BMW E46 2JZ Turbo-Nitro not only sports our logo on the side of the car, but also is painted with our products. 

Mariusz says, “Drifting is a sport that requires complete control of a vehicle that is pushed to its limits. There is simply no room for error. And we expect that level of perfection from our paint partner, too, which is why we rely on Cromax. Its products are fast, reliable and highly productive and we know there is a wealth of experience on hand, should we need it. What’s more, the finish is outstanding. My car looks amazing, even when I’m travelling sideways and smoke is billowing from the rear tyres.” 

Drifting is a sport that requires complete control of a vehicle that is pushed to its limits

Kevin Torfs, our EMEA Brand Manager, says, “We are thrilled to see that we can support all of our end-users, however you need us. Whether you use Cromax for your day-to-day refinishing requirements or for something a little more special, like motorsports, we’re here to impart our knowledge and experience so that you can optimise your operations. We’ll be cheering on Mariusz and the MGarage DriftTeam this season and we wish them all a lot of success,” Kevin adds.

For more information or to check Mariusz’s progress, please follow the team on Facebook - @MGarageDriftTeam.




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