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Cromax has created a special edition calendar for 2019, named Cromax Inspires. It exclusively features the unique work of American artist Peter Maier, who is considered one of the top realist artists in the world. Maier is best-known for his stunning large format, impossibly convincing photo-realistic paintings for which he uses Cromax Pro Basecoat.

But Maier hasn’t always been a professional artist. He started his career as a sculptor’s assistant in 1964 and was quickly hired by General Motors as an automotive designer. Maier went on to enjoy a distinguished career as senior designer for iconic US car marques but his passion for art led him to pursue a new career as a Fine Artist.

“Influenced by his previous career in the automotive industry, Peter uses Cromax Pro Basecoat to create his incredible masterpieces. He applies our basecoat on high-tech aluminium panels using a unique technique he developed – and not one we would suggest refinishers try! The paintings are so realistic, we felt it necessary for the calendar to include some shots taken during the painting process, because people can be forgiven for not believing they are actually paintings,” says Kevin Torfs, Cromax Brand Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Maier’s unique multi-layering application process required to create these masterpieces combines Cromax paint technology with traditional brush work and sees dozens of layers of pure colour creating the effect.

Torfs explains, “Colours are not pre-mixed, so blues go over yellows to create greens. He applies wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet, to give different transparencies and effects.” 

The paintings are clear coated and Maier wet sands them, which makes the layering process beautifully evident, before applying a final clearcoat. The colours refract, show and blend through one another, giving the paintings a depth, brilliance and luminosity unlike anything else in fine art. The effect, according to Maier, can’t be duplicated with traditional paint media.

The series of paintings featured in the calendar were completed in Maier’s studio over the course of 15 years. Most have been sold and are in major private corporate collections or museums. Maier’s achievements, awards and honours place him at the top of the post-modern art world. His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world, including the world-renowned Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York, USA.

To view the Cromax calendar visit www.cromax.com/eu/cromaxinspires or to read more about Peter Maier visit www.petermaierart.com.

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