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The Agoria Solar Team has won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. The team was the first to cross the finish line in the city of Adelaide, winning like this their first world championship.

The team been working for over a year on their solar car and this was the eight time they participated in the World Solar Challenge

The World Solar Challenge counted this year with 44 teams from 22 countries, that have covered a distance of 3,021 kilometres, from Darwin, in the north of Australia, to Adelaide, in the south.




The Agoria Solar Team started fourth in Darwin after a great qualifying lap. On their first day, they managed to cover a longer distance than last year, with 633 kilometers. This was possible because the BluePoint is lighter and more efficient than the previous car. On this day, three different teams were in first place, including the Agoria Solar Team.

The optimised design of the car to sail on the wind, allowed the team to take over the third place and manged to hold on to it on the second day.

Weather conditions escalated on the third day. This cause the car to slip due to an unexpected whirlwind. The expertise of the pilot allowed the team to stay in track and finish the day second position, reducing the timer difference from 43 to 7 minutes. The efforts of the team that night focussed on keeping the car and each other safe.

Day four was a real neck to neck race and the team managed to take over the first place about 250 kilometres from the finish, finishing the day as world champion.

Unlike other years, the top teams stood really close to each other for the entire race, which made the race very exciting.



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