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Saturday, two weeks before the race, was the date the team set as deadline for all final modifications. Since then they have only focus on maintenance, preparing the race and the technical scrutineering to guarantee that both, the car and the team, would be race ready.

The car was packed up and shipped to Gunn Point Road, their testing location. Contrary to previous weeks, the team is no longer testing on closed off roads and tracks, but on the open road, where many other cars and solar cars drive around at the same time. Only when the car is in race condition, tests can be performed and the power consumption can be measured and analysed.

The team tried to drive as many kilometres as possible with the BluePoint to ensure that every new part works and is properly assembled. Between each test day, they take two days for and to improve and replace parts, in order to ensuring the car’s safety.

While the BluePoint was not cleared for the road, the team used the MKT airstrip for testing. This is the second most frequently used runway in the Northern Territory, so they often had to clear the track for incoming airplanes and helicopters.

Since the temperatures can rise up to 45°C in the solar car, the pilots had to sit inside our minivan in the sun without airconditioning for a couple hours.

On Sunday, the team headed out to explore the start of the race in Darwin and to practice control stops for the race exercise, using minivans as "fake solar car".

The race will start on Sunday the 13th of October 2019 and Cromax, as Silver Partner, will be following up closely.



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