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These "how-to" videos support you, our refinishers, to help you achieve great repairs, first time, every time!

With these videos we want to share the same messages and tips that we convey in our face-to-face trainings, and support the content of our Technical Data Sheets.


With 30 years of experience, our resident technical product application expert Tony Mitchell offers you accurate tips and techniques to help you use our products in the most productive way.



Seeing is believing! and in this video, we demonstrate a typical repair from start to finish and how the new Ultra Performance Energy System brings the ultimate in paint repair efficiency and productivity whilst consuming the lowest possible amount of energy. And with the fact that quality and appearance are not compromised – thanks to the newest Axalta technology. This system offers a new dimension to today’s bodyshop. If you are really interested to see this system/product range in a practical way, then take 10 minutes and a cup of coffee and watch what we can offer you!

Attention points: Minimum energy consumption

Focus:  Increased Productivity – Saving Energy – Choose the right product for the right job – Airdrying only – Continuous process – Complete system from wipes to Clearcoat – Follow TDS guidelines

Basecoat used: Cromax Pro Basecoat



Tri-stage pearl colours are becoming more common, and they require certain attention in the refinish repair process if you want them 1st time right. Follow our tips on colour card preparation, correct undercoat colour, application process and blending-in technique to help you achieve consistently good repairs using Cromax Pro basecoat.

Attention points: Tri-Stage Repair

Focus: Spray-out card application – Correct Undercoat colour – Activation of ground coat and blender – Use the same amount of effect coats as defined in your spray-out card application - Follow TDS repair steps

Basecoat used: Cromax Pro Basecoat



Halo's and visible transitions are the most common problems when blending-in high metallic colours. With Cromax Pro there is a fast, reliable and repeatable process, which will help you get consistently good results as we show you in this video.

Attention points: Blending-in process

Focus: Strategy for the repair -  Correct blender usage - Good join/transition to new basecoat - Painting remaining area in normal 1.5 coat process. 

Basecoat used: Cromax Pro Basecoat



Painting a bonnet with “Cromax Pro” is easy if you follow our technical datasheets, but if you do need to fix some clouding and mottling problems with tricky colours, then you need to know the best way.

Attention points: Mottling control, how do I fix it easily - Correct technique

Focus: Basecoat Adjustment - Spray gun technique - Application process with additional effect coat for motttling control if needed

Basecoat used: Cromax Pro Basecoat



In this video we show the essential aspects of applying “Cromax Pro” on the full side of a car. The focus on several key points like how the 1.5 coat process should look like, the importance of spray gun distance, how to control overlaps and how the basecoat should look whilst it’s still wet.

Follow these simple steps and you will improve your results.

Attention points: Correct technique - best practice basics

Focus: Basecoat Adjustment - Spray gun technique - Application process - Vertical with overlaps

Basecoat used: Cromax Pro Basecoat



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