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Were you watching what happened on Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA, between 8 and 14 September 2019? We were! Cyclists from all around the world competed in the World Human Powered Speed Challenge to break the human-powered land speed record. We’re extremely happy to have played our part - we worked in partnership with a passionate student racing team. The Human Power Team from the Dutch Universities of TU Delft and VU Amsterdam competed for the World Record in the Womens, Single Rider category in the 200m flying start speed trial. And they did it! Athlete Rosa Bas broke the Women’s World Record by cycling at 122.12 km/hr, beating the old record of 121.8 km/hr.

The Human Power Team from the TU Delft and VU Amsterdam relies on Cromax in its attempt to beat the Women’s World Record

3, 2, 1, GO!

This is the 20th consecutive running of the challenge, which took place on State Route 305 in Nevada. It provides one of the straightest and smoothest ideal road surfaces in the world, ideal for Human Powered Vehicle records. The road, at an altitude of 4,619ft (1,408m), has almost zero gradient and provides riders with a five mile acceleration zone, enabling the riders to reach their maximum velocity before being timed over a 200m distance. A scary prospect for anyone!

But it is a challenge the VeloX, an aerodynamic recumbent bicycle - the TU Delft and VU Amsterdam’s 2019 entry – was designed to meet. The bike is covered in an aerodynamic shell making it look almost other worldly. As well as beating the Women’s World Record the Team also hopes it will inspire people to study technology and to live more sustainlable lifestyles.

The VeloX’s carbon fibre shell was painted with Imron Fleet Line Elite 3.5 VOC 2K PU Topcoat in RAL 9016 traffic white

With a little help from Cromax

One of the Team’s requirements was to work with companies who are innovative, focussed on the best technology and who value sustainability. And that’s why the team approached us. They saw us as a perfect sponsor, with our established wide portfolio of highly productive and energy saving products, which use the latest technology, and of course, our clear focus on innovation.

Our technical experts painted the VeloX’s carbon fibre shell at the end of July by first preparing the carbon fibre with U190 Imron Fleet Line Industry Carbon Fibre Sealer. This was followed with LE2001 LE Primer Plus and NS2602 Non Sanding Primer Surfacer. Finally, the shell was sprayed with Imron Fleet Line Elite 3.5 VOC 2K PU Topcoat in RAL 9016 traffic white.  

  • Painted in its distinctive white colour, the VeloX will race on Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA

Painted in its distinctive white colour, the VeloX will race on Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA

Thanks to the choice of products, we were able to dry the topcoat at a very low temperature, a really energy saving and sustainable option. The last step was to apply decal logos and its brilliant high gloss finish to the shell thanks to CC6500 High Performance VOC Clear.

Kevin Torfs, our EMEA Brand Manager, says, “It has been exciting for us to help a student team with such a strong focus on energy saving and sustainability. Congratulations from all of us at Cromax for breaking the Women’s World Record!”

To follow the team and its progress, please visit  www.hptdelft.nl



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