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Redhwan Amine, Axalta Sales Manager in France

Redhwan Amine, Axalta Sales Manager in France, shares what’s happening with Cromax in his market

“I’m very excited to share with everyone an overview of what Cromax is up to in France. I will start by saying the French Cromax team is highly motivated and extremely passionate about serving our customers. And I’m happy to report that in France Cromax has, for the last three years, managed to maintain growth despite tough market conditions. We can attribute this to an ambitious growth strategy, which is focused on three pillars: first, working with the biggest bodyshops groups – anywhere from 10 to 15 workshops; second, working with insurers; and finally, driving business through Five Star, which has 450 members.

Five Star is very proactive in signing partnership agreements with key players such as major car manufacturers, insurance companies and leasing companies, and it also helps its members diversify their activities in order to generate opportunities for additional revenue. We have over 3,000 end-users, and every year, new distributors join us. We are proud to say that all 100 French “départments” – one of the levels of government in the country, broadly equivalent to Councils in the UK, or Cantons in Switzerland - have a Cromax distributor. And we even have distributors covering our French overseas “départments”.

What also plays a key part in our success in France is the service we offer our customers. Our team targets busy bodyshops who want to be more effective in their daily work in order to become more productive. We offer tailored training sessions to our distributors and their customers at our Cromax Training Centre in Mantes, near Paris, but also in various regions throughout France.

Moreover, we work very closely with our bodyshops and offer them support through on-site audits to evaluate their level of performance followed by customised action plans to help them improve their performance. We follow through with a visit once new solutions have been implemented and are always on hand to provide advice on how to increase productivity.

In a nutshell, in France our aim is to grow steadily alongside the key players of tomorrow and for Cromax to always be regarded as a brand at the forefront of innovation, service and productivity.”




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