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This course is open to refinishers who have at least two years of experience working in the accident repair industry. They should be able to prove their knowledge, skills and technique in preparing panels and achieving a fault-free finish.

The Cromax Training Academy will test candidates’ skills in the following five modules:

Polish Panel (existing)    AOM 014

Candidates should be able to clean the panel to remove any unwanted surface covering such as polishes/chemicals/dirt by ‘polishing’ the panel, in order to start the repair process and apply the paint top coat(s). Candidates will need to follow the Technical Data Sheets (TDS) to ensure that the products are used in the correct manner.

Colour Identification and Colour Variant    AOM 015

This module tests the candidates’ ability to identify the vehicle paint type and use the vehicle information (paint code etc.) together with the paint manufacturer’s information to ensure that the correct paint and the colour variant are selected, so that the paint is accurately matched to the vehicle. This requires the correct visual identification of the variant of the vehicle colour in the correct light and the use of data from various sources.

Surface Preparation    AOM 016

Candidates need to demonstrate they can prepare an existing panel that has paint surface faults, such as deep scratches, through to bare metal ready to receive foundation materials. This includes the removal of panel joint sealer and sufficient masking of the vehicle/panel to prevent contamination of other panel/vehicle areas. Candidates should be able to apply the panel foundation materials such as panel primer(s) to the repair area with the use of spray equipment and then be able to dry the materials in line with the product manufacturer’s specification. It will be necessary for candidates to select, carry out adjustments and use equipment during this module.

Primed Surface-Flatting     AOM 017

In this module, candidates have to identify, to select and to adjust the tools/equipment used in the flatting of a primed surface. Candidates should be able to use various masking techniques resulting in both soft and hard edges to protect other vehicle panel surfaces from accidental damage at all times. Candidates should be able to identify the quantity of materials required to avoid unnecessary waste and cost. Candidates will have to read and to understand the appropriate Technical Data Sheets to ensure that the materials are used as specified by the manufacturer. Once the panel has been flattened, it must be ready for the paint topcoat.

Panel Sealing    AOM 018

Candidates should be able to reinstate the sealer to a panel joint, matching the existing sealer and creating a seamless joint where the new sealer meets the existing sealer. Candidates will have to use the various tools and equipment necessary to carry out this operation including the use of a ‘power sealer’ gun and adjust/cut the various nozzles to be able to match the existing sealer. Candidates should be able to identify any panel bare metal surfaces and to use the appropriate products to reinstate them ready to be painted.


One day


£400 + VAT


All overalls, whites, personal protective equipment, course material for practical and theoretical sessions will be provided. Candidates should bring safety footwear, as well as a copy of their photo driving licence or passport.

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