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ChromaVision Pro is our most advanced colour matching tool and not without reason the most productive spectrophotometer on the market today.


  • Measures any colour, even effect colours
  • Full colour database, automatic formula correction and internal memory
  • Powerful internal LED light source
  • Touch-screen, innovative software and graphic interface
  • Compact and user-friendly design with protective cover


Our official distributors will be happy to tell you more about ChromaVision Pro.

ChromaVision Pro incorporates multiple LED lights, enhanced optics and an improved seal that eliminates ambient light that could influence the measurement. ChromaVision Pro not only measures the colour, but also the effect.

Time-consuming spray tests are a thing of the past with ChromaVision Pro. Once linked to ColorNet Pro software, ChromaVision Pro feeds the colour data to your scales and tells you the exact formula for a matching colour, leaving you to simply mix and spray.

Prior to measuring, the surface must be cleaned of grease and dirt. Then polish the surface to remove scratches that might impair the results. Our training courses can help you to get the most out of your ChromaVision Pro.

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