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ChromaVision is a productive digital colour measurement tool for professional bodyshops. .


  • Simple and accurate: calibrate, measure and mix
  • Compact with an internal light source
  • Wireless measurements through Bluetooth
  • Optimised calibration kit with an additional green tile
  • Linked to a full colour database
  • Automatic formula corrections
  • User-friendly design and software    


Contact our local distributor for more information on this essential body shop tool.

Save time and avoid uncertainty with ChromaVision. Fast, accurate colour matching has never been easier. ChromaVision does away with the need to match painted colour chips visually; it measures the exact colour of the paint.

Simply connect ChromaVision to the colour management software, like ColorNet Pro, and its data is fed to the scales, ready for the formula to be mixed.

ChromaVision is a precision tool, so training is required to achieve the best results. The paint surface must be cleaned of grease and dirt, and in some cases polished to remove scratches that might influence the results.

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