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ColorNet Pro is one of the most complete colour retrieval and productivity management systems in the world. It quickly and accurately provides any colour formula and calculates the required amount of paint.


  • State-of-the-art colour accuracy management
  • Powerful, fast and accurate colour formula retrieval
  • User-friendly interface and processes
  • Accurate digital on-screen colour rendering
  • Volume suggestion function
  • Password protection to control the weighing process
  • Consumption, productivity and stock management functions


Our local distributor will gladly answer your questions about ColorNet Pro.

Connect your ChromaVision Pro or ChromaVision spectrophotometer, and ColorNet Pro will match the colour you measured. ColorNet Pro retrieves every possible colour match formula, even from partial information. It will get the latest formulas from the Cromax website and allows you to save your most-used colour mixes to a shortlist.

Hook up scales and ColorNet Pro tells you how much paint you need for a particular body panel. With ColorNet Pro you not only save time but you also avoid errors. It also boosts productivity while economising on paint consumption. 

ColorNet Pro provides powerful reports for detailed insights into your bodyshop’s costs and productivity. It monitors the accuracy and consumption of each job or refinisher, keeps track of stock levels and reminds you when to reorder. 

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