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Fan Decks are traditional colour tools. Consisting of metal colour chips that have been painted with the actual products, Fan Decks provide excellent colour accuracy. Our Fan Decks are conveniently sorted and reinforced with a laminated back to prevent folding and curling.

Retrieving information from the chips is very easy – simply scan the barcode on the reverse of the chip. You can also enter the code manually into our ColorNet Pro software.



Our local ditributor has the latest information on all Cromax fan decks.

Our Cromax Pro Basecoat Fan Deck consists of more than 6,500 colour chips, all sprayed with Cromax Pro basecoat for accuracy in matching. There are over of over 5,000 effect colours from model year 2003 onwards. For solid colours, the Cromax Pro Basecoat Fan Deck boasts more than 1,000 colour chips from as far back as model year 1998. Our regular updates ensure that you always have the most up-to-date colour information.


The Centari Fan Deck consists of colour chips for passenger car colours. Each chip is sprayed with Centari products to ensure excellent colour accuracy. The chips are conveniently sorted by car make and colour code, and all chips of one colour are always found together.

Extremely comprehensive, our Centari Fan Deck has over 9,000 colour chips in 110 booklets, with colours going back as far as model year 1999. To guarantee that you always have the most up-to-date colour information, we provide regular updates.

* The Centari fan deck can also be used with the Cromax Basecoat.


Offering a collection of more than 3,000 colour chips grouped by colour, the Imron Fleet Line Fan Deck is a must-have for bodyshops specialising in commercial vehicles.

Our Imron Fleet Line Fan Deck delivers unrivalled colour selection.  The formula that corresponds to the colour chip you have selected can easily be found in all automated colour retrieval tools from Cromax.


The Car Body Accessory Fan Deck supports all our Cromax paint technologies, specifically for most non-exterior colours. The first part of the Car Body Accessory Fan Deck covers more than 700 bumper colours sorted by car manufacturer and paint code. The second part is for nearly 1,000 under-hood and interior colours, ordered by colour, irrespective of the car make.

This Fan Deck is the perfect addition for any bodyshop already using the Cromax spectrophotometers ChromaVision Pro or ChromaVision. Each colour chip is 30mm x 90mm with rounded edges. Retrieving information from the chips is very easy; on the reverse of the chip is a barcode, which can be scanned. The code can also be input manually. For bumper colours we offer a yearly update.


The Flake Selector is an invaluable aid for bodyshops who are using the ChromaVision spectrophotometer. The Flake Selector helps refinishers to identify the size of the aluminium flake within a particular effect colour of the car on which they are working. This allows the refinisher to choose not only the best matching colour formula, but also the one with the right size aluminium flake.

The Flake Selector consists of 25 colour chips, sprayed with Cromax Pro Basecoat, with five separate lightness levels, each of which has five effect levels. The Flake Selector can be used to match Cromax Pro Basecoats, Cromax Basecoats and Centari Basecoats.

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