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Custom paint colours can be difficult to create. Whether it is a very unusual alternate shade, or a specific corporate colour for a fleet vehicle, we can help you create a custom paint colour that matches your customers’ requirements.


We have dedicated colour coordinators all over Europe, Middle East and Africa. They will gladly help you with any questions you may have about a colour. Our colour coordinators are your direct link with our centralised team of colour experts. They are continuously trained to be able to give you the best possible support, and for our dedicated Cromax bodyshop, they will keep you up-to-date with our latest colour news.


We ensure that Cromax refinishers get the best possible colour formula for a special paint job in the shortest possible time. When our colour coordinators receive a support request, they will first collect a sample of the colour and all related information. They will then forward this information to the specialists in our colour lab and follow up the development of the new formula.

As soon as the formula is ready, the colour coordinators will let the bodyshop know. We will also publish all relevant information about the colour for other Cromax users. And of course the mixing formula will be released in our colour tools update.

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