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Eventually most cars will get scratched, damaged by hail or dented in a car park.  When this minor damage goes unrepaired, it may cause corrosion, which in turn could affects the car’s value. And while fixing these minor flaws seems obvious, vehicle owners often don’t bother, thinking it would be too expensive or take too long.

We have a quick, cost-effective technique for minor paint damage – Fast Repair. It consists of products that have all been developed to handle minor repairs as productively as possible.

Fast Repair attracts customers who would otherwise not bother to have minor paint damages repaired.

The short time in which Fast Repair jobs can be carried out means bodyshops can offer repairs at competitive prices. This is not only attractive to private vehicle owners, but also fleet, lease and insurance companies.

In addition to its quick throughput, Fast Repair also offers environmental benefits. Fast Repair jobs consume fewer materials, and the products that make up the system are VOC compliant.

Cromax supports our bodyshops who offer Fast Repair with a specific marketing programme consisting of posters, brochures, ads and technical training. This support ensures more customer attention, leading to increased revenue.


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