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The small and lightweight ChromaVision Mini spectrophotometer, will transform your paint finish colour matching performance with its digital accuracy and efficiency. The colour is measured directly from the cleaned car body, close to the damaged paint area and directly matches the actual vehicle colour.

It’s effective for almost any colour and especially for unusual shades not included in fan decks. No more time-consuming fan deck searches and no need to match colours in daylight, or time-consuming spray tests. The ChromaVision Mini is easy to use; with complete measurement control from the high-resolution touchscreen and feedback via status LED indicators and acoustic signals. The ChromaVision Mini using the latest LED lighting technology and the measures solid and effect colours. It connects to the cloud-based ChromaWeb software, via a USB cable where it directly matches over 200,000 constantly updated formulas, so you quickly get the most accurate match. Will you still be updating your fan decks in the future?





01 Small (110mm x 153mm), light weight design and easy to handle spectrophotometer

02 Proven 3-angle readings, accurate and fast vehicle paint finish colour measuring including effect

03 Touch screen display, stylus included and simple on-screen instruction process

04 LED status indicators and direct visual status feedback

05 Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, no battery replacement required

06 Micro-USB interface to ChromaWeb; always up to date with over 200,000 constantly updated paint colour formulas - no need for fan deck updates

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