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Dominique is an experienced refinisher. With over 25 years of experience, he is truly devoted to his profession. And even after all these years, he’s still motivated to continue to improve wherever he can. Car manufacturers are releasing new colours and effects all the time and Dominique likes to keep up with these developments. This is no problem with Cromax. Dominique is a regular visitor at the Cromax Training Centre, learning about new products and techniques that keep him on track. He even admits he sometimes doesn’t have much work to do because Cromax has given him all the tools he needs to be able to finish his repairs quickly and accurately. The products are easy to use, deliver fast coverage and exceptional gloss. The result is an impeccable job, and Dominique ends up with satisfied customers.

“Thanks to Cromax, when customers come to collect their cars, they are ecstatic, really happy, with a big smile, and that means I am really happy too.”


And a bodyshop that repairs a lot of cars very quickly... that must translate into customer satisfaction.



CromaPlus Cromax services outside the can


Discover the Cromax services that will drive your productivity from the front of your bodyshop to the back. 






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