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Six years ago, Kevin finished his apprenticeship and now works on all kinds of repairs for many prestigious car brands. He gets particular satisfaction from finding exactly the right colour for a job. That’s where digital colour retrieval comes in. These days, there are so many colours – and car manufacturers are coming up with more every day. But finding the right one digitally makes the whole process quicker and easier.

Kevin finds that the ChromaVision® Pro spectrophotometer and ChromaWeb software mean he gets the right colour first time – even for metallic, pearl or opaque finishes. It uses a massive and constantly updated library of colour formulas from all around the world. So whether the car you’re working on comes from Asia or America, Germany or Japan, you can find the precise formula in a moment.

Simple touchscreens make using Cromax’s spectrophotometers really intuitive so you can get up and running in no time. And the handy new ChromaVision Pro Mini also has a Wi-Fi connection which means results can be shared with the mixing room instantly – so the body shop’s productivity improves too. ChromaWeb can even be used on any mobile device.

One thing’s for sure: Using digital colour retrieval solutions from Cromax, you’ll get a much faster way of getting accurate formulas compared to using fan decks or doing spray tests.


“I’d recommend ChromaVision Pro to anyone. It’s a huge time saver.”



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