4 OCTOBER 2023 – Using new metal parts during a repair is not unusual for refinishers but ensuring the substrate preparation – in particular the sanding - is as productive and effective as possible just got easier, thanks to Cromax®. The premium refinish brand has created an easy-to-follow process using its Ultra Performance Energy System and Audurra, the accessory brand from Axalta, so refinishers can be confident of achieving the perfect sanding preparation of new metal parts.  

Koen Silverans, Axalta’s Refinish Academy Manager in Mechelen, Belgium, says, “Busy bodyshops are always searching for the best way to optimise every step of every repair. Using new metal parts is no different. That’s why we have created this highly-productive process for sanding new metal substrates that will ensure refinishers achieve the perfect base for their repairs.”

Step one

First, clean the new metal part with 3919S Prepsol from Cromax and the Degreasing Cloth from Audurra. Then inspect for any possible damage to the new part.

Step two

If required, machine sand using Audurra Premium Sanding Disc C to remove any imperfections. If putty needs to be applied, sand instead using Audurra Premium Sanding Disc B. If there are no imperfections in the new metal part, go to step five.

Step three

Apply the putty. Use 779R from Cromax or a similar multi-function putty.

Step four

Sand the putty using the Hand Block and Audurra Premium Sanding Strip B and then followed by Audurra Premium Sanding Strip C. Then re-sand the damaged areas with Audurra Premium Disc C. Refinishers should use the Audurra Dry Guide Coat during all the sanding steps.

Step five

Scuff entire panel with Audurra Fleece Pad very fine (red). Silverans points out, “There are a wide variety of electrocoats on the market, and their quality can differ greatly. That’s why we recommend refinishers scuff sand the e-coat and follow the relevant Cromax Technical Data Sheets.”

Step six

Clean the panel. If required, prime the bare metal sand-through areas with PS1800 Metal Pre-Treatment Wipes from Cromax. Allow that to flash off. Then follow with PS1081 (VS1 - white) / PS1084 (VS4 - grey) / PS1087 (VS7 - black) Ultra Performance Energy Surfacer from Cromax to the entire panel and allow to dry.

Step seven

Using a hand block, sand the putty areas using Audurra Premium Strip C, as needed. Use the Audurra Dry Guide Coat during sanding steps. If there were no imperfections or damage initially, go to step eight.

Step eight

Hand sand edges and corners of the new metal part with Audurra Soft Roll E. Then sand reminding surface with orbital sander fitted with Audurra Premium Disc D. Finally, remove sanding dust and clean panel using 3911WB from Cromax and the Degreasing Cloths from Audurra.

Silverans concludes, “After following this process, the new metal part is ready to be coated in the refinisher’s chosen Cromax clear-over-base system, all but guaranteeing a perfect finish.”

To watch the how-to video related to this process, please view the full video here or visit the brand’s YouTube channel www.youtube.com/cromaxemea and select the Cromax & Audurra playlist. And for more information about the brand, please visit www.cromax.com/eu