AR7802 Energy Surfacer Activator

Based on new chemistry, PS1081 / PS1084 / PS1087 Ultra Performance Energy Surfacer from Cromax leads to a much more productive preparation process. It is applied without flash-off times and has a very impressive air-drying performance. It is ideal for all bodyshops who would like to break throughput records.

Product Features

  • Very impressive air-drying performance. It can be sanded after only 20-40 minutes air drying time. IR and low bake with shortest drying times are possible too.

  • The high-quality appearance, with a smooth surface, provides outstanding gloss hold-out after top coating.

  • Easy to apply without flash-off times, in up to four coats, with very good vertical stability.

  • On metal substrate pretreatment, the use of PS1800 Metal Pretreatment Wipes is mandatory.

  • Simple 1:1 mixing ratio with AR7802 Energy Surfacer Activator.

  • Spot repairs, small area repairs, refinishing of parts, in fact any type of repair of any size can be handled at the same time, thanks to air-drying.

  • Part of the ValueShade concept: available in white (VS1), grey (VS4), and black (VS7).

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