12 March 2021 – Cromax®, a global refinish paint brand from Axalta, has released a new Let’s get to work training video focussing on the repair process when using tinted clearcoats. Use of these deep, vivid and intense colours, particularly with reds and highly chromatic blues, has increased dramatically in OEM vehicle production.  

Thomas Cool, Axalta Refinish Academy Manager for Belgium and Refinish Product Specialist for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, says, “These challenging colours are not only becoming increasingly popular but can also be seen as being tricky to repair, so it is vital bodyshops have tools at their disposal to repair them productively. In the latest video, our technical experts demonstrate both blend-in and edge-to-edge techniques and they also offer top tips to highlight key aspects of these sorts of repairs that need to be taken into account.”

The Let’s get to work  online tutorials are designed to make refinishers’ work easier by offering simple, accurate and highly accessible application instructions on everyday repair methods, direct from the experts, and have become even more relevant recently.

“While these video tutorials only form part of our arsenal of training tools, they are a key part of our offering and one that is very relevant for today. They are a vital solution at a time when face-to-face training is not always an option, but bodyshops need to keep up-to-date with the latest repair techniques,” says Cool.

The Let’s get to work  series of videos can be found on the Cromax YouTube channel at And find out how the Cromax tutorials form part of the Cromax arsenal of training tools by visiting the Training section of the website at  

About Cromax

Cromax, a global refinish coating brand from Axalta, is designed to increase productivity. Our coatings are formulated specifically to optimise business with advanced time-, energy- and material-saving processes that increase throughput and lower operating costs. Our value-added solutions provide customers with the most advanced systems to get the best out of the entire workflow. And our smart tools, our people’s in-depth knowledge and our strong approved networks all make our bodyshop customers more attractive to work providers. Cromax - drive your productivity.