23 February 2022 – Axalta Refinish has introduced another first to the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market - a new electric vehicle (EV) repair package, which supports refinishers and bodyshops with the repairs of EV vehicles. Sales of electric cars are accelerating – one in 10 new cars in 2021 has been powered by a battery[i] - and refinishers and bodyshops need to be prepared to handle an increasing volume of EVs safely and efficiently.

“The prevalence of EVs is growing so refinishers must be prepared to repair them perfectly and safely, despite the challenges and new requirements they represent. The tools and knowledge in our EV repair package is the ideal way for bodyshops to adapt,” says Olaf Adamek, Axalta Refinish Brand Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The repair package currently consists of four critical equipment kits that every bodyshop should have for risk-free EV repair.

The Electrical Safety kit contains the basic tools needed when working on hybrid and EVs. The Delimination set offers refinishers equipment to mark the work area where the vehicle is being repaired, while the First Aid kit consists of everything needed to safely give first aid should an accident occur while repairing an EV. Lastly, a Complete Workcart contains all accessories and tools for safely disconnecting a hybrid or EV’s battery.

In addition, the package comprises three multimedia elements, including two informative videos and EV repair posters. The first video showcases Axalta’s patented Fast Cure Low Energy technology, which has been specially designed for low temperature curing and, when used as part of a complete system, enables professional bodyshops to cut process times by up to 50% and reduce energy consumption by up to 70% while still achieving the best quality repair.

“Bodyshops have been working with our Fast Cure Low Energy technology, supplied through Axalta’s premium refinish brands, Cromax®, Spies Hecker and Standox, for several years, with outstanding results. And as this technology is the perfect fit for EV repairs, it was an easy decision to put a specific package together to help our bodyshops address the growing EV trend easily and cost-effectively. We’ve been able to draw on Axalta’s more than 150 years of experience and keen focus on innovation and sustainability to support our bodyshops through their everyday challenges,” adds Adamek.

In the second video, an Axalta Refinish expert visits an EV-approved bodyshop in the UK to demonstrate how they correctly manage the repair process for EVs. In this real-life example, refinishers can learn what some of the biggest challenges are and how they can best handle them.

The final elements of the EV repair package are downloadable posters from Cromax®, Spies Hecker and Standox, which are handy to put on the wall, providing a quick visual guide on considerations to take before starting work, while in the spraybooth and on completion of the repair. For example, they outline what refinishers should check for during an initial risk assessment, what to think about for paint preparation and drying, and key points to remember during the process.

Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta in the UK and Ireland, concludes, “While it is important that all vehicle repairs should be carried out by qualified technicians, this is critical when it comes to handling EVs, as these vehicles need to be made safe before work commences”.

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