17 January 2022 - The new Imron® Fleet Line DTM Non-Sanding Primer Surfacer P60X for commercial vehicles from Cromax® is specially designed to be applied directly to metal. It eliminates the need for a two-stage build-up, increasing bodyshop productivity and allowing CVs to get back on the road faster.

"The latest universal CV primer surfacer from Cromax has a short evaporation time, dries very quickly and does not require sanding," says Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta in the UK and Ireland. "It enables bodyshops to work more productively by increasing throughput and optimising their workflow. For fleet owners, it means their CVs are back in operation in no time, with an exceptional finish and excellent corrosion protection."

The new DTM primer surfacer is not only quick and easy to use, but it can also be applied to various metal substrates and combined with Imron Fleet Line HS Activators ET645 (Fast), ET650 (Standard) and ET655 (Slow). It also works with Cromax Basecoat and Imron Fleet Line 2K Topcoats.

Imron Fleet Line DTM Non-Sanding Primer Surfacer P60X helps to minimise preparation time and saves materials by reducing the amount of paint needed. It is VOC compliant and part of the ValueShade® concept from Cromax, which has been specially developed to create the optimal undercoat for every topcoat colour. Using the Cromax colour management software, ChromaWeb, refinishers can quickly find the correct shade of grey for each topcoat, ensuring productivity all round.

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