24 August 2020 - The most popular car colours globally are white, grey and black, according to what car manufacturers are producing. And while most people tend to purchase a car that sports a mainstream colour, there is a small but growing trend for car buyers to opt for highly unusual colours. While this can brighten up driveways and streets, these stand-out colours can be problematic for refinishers when it comes to repairs. Thanks to the extensive colour competence at Cromax®, a global refinish brand of Axalta, Cromax® Pro Basecoat tints and formulas are there to support repairs of even the most unusual shades.

Brights and neon

From bright yellow and acid orange, to neon green and glitzy purple, unusual car colours are a growing niche market. “The majority of car buyers will be happy to choose from the standard or metallic palettes on offer from the manufacturer, but for some, standing out from the crowd and making a bold statement with the car colour is just as important as the car itself,” says Thomas Cool, Cromax Training and Technical Service Leader for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Advanced technology

Flawless car colour repair can be a difficult task, but this is particularly true for colours that sit outside the norm. Cromax offers bodyshops a competitive colour advantage with its Cromax Pro Basecoat. Part of an advanced coating technology system comprising mixing tints, binders, controllers and other components, it helps bodyshops get an accurate colour match for even the most challenging colours.

Cool adds, “We constantly add new tints with special pigments to the Cromax Pro Basecoat range, as well as adding new clearcoat tints. Thanks to the Axalta close links with OEMs, we are in a perfect position not only to anticipate future colour trends but also to develop new tints and formulas, which refinishers can find using our advanced digital colour management system ChromaConnect.”

ChromaConnect gives bodyshops the ultimate freedom and flexibility of completely wireless, digital processes for everything from colour matching to colour mixing. This cloud-based approach offers refinishers complete control over every aspect of colour management by networking Wi-Fi enabled devices - including wireless scales and wireless printers – as well as the most advanced spectrophotometer from Cromax, ChromaVision® Pro Mini, and ChromaWeb, the Cromax comprehensive cloud-based colour retrieval software.

And the support doesn’t stop there. In order to showcase everyday repair methods and address the most relevant challenges refinishers face Cromax offers a series of training videos on its YouTube channel, called Let’s get to work. They are carried out by a technical expert and show the correct use of Cromax paint products and application processes.

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